• Who We Are

  • Our Mission

    Every girl finds her voice, discovers her strength and leads with confidence through fun and active sports, health and leadership programs.

  • Our Vision

    Girls in the Game empowers all girls to be gamechangers.

Our Values

We nurture the whole girl.

Our programs encourage physical and emotional health and promote active minds, bodies and hearts.

We believe in the power of girls.

Our all-girl space creates an openness for girls to discover and grow their strength and leadership.

We value teamwork.

Through partnerships and relationships, we create stronger, healthier communities and a positive, cooperative environment.

We aim for equity.

Believing that all girls deserve to reach their full potential regardless of background or circumstances, we prioritize communities that need us most.

We strive for courage.

Recognizing the value in taking risks, we are gritty, brave and resourceful, resulting in better outcomes and successes.

We celebrate diversity.

We are stronger as a whole team than we are as individuals, and we recognize the unique contributions of all.

We pursue quality.

We are thoughtful stewards, results-oriented and data-driven. Above all, we are constantly aware of our girls’ needs and work tirelessly to meet them.

We are vital.

We boldly embrace change, respond to the needs of girls and are passionately driven towards excellence in everything we do.

Inclusion Policy

Girls in the Game aims to be a positive, supportive environment when young people are dealing with all issues, including those around gender identity.  We welcome all girls, regardless of their gender identity and gender expression.  We welcome all those who identify as girls or are exploring their gender identity or expression, regardless of their assigned sex at birth.  This applies to both to participants who are already in our program and incoming participants.   

This position is driven by our organizational value equity, understanding that equity includes a broad range of gender identities and expressions and includes cisgender girls, transgender girls, nonbinary individuals, etc. 

We respect a young person’s wishes to be called by the name and pronoun they choose and ensure that all participants do the same. We will listen and learn in order to ensure we do not make mistaken assumptions based on outward appearance or performance of gender. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to maintaining a safe, welcoming environment for all participants. The success of our organization is rooted in respecting and celebrating one another and supporting each girl’s personal journey.

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