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Annual Report

We know that girls are strong. Given the opportunity, they’re capable of changing their lives and their communities. At Girls in the Game, we are empowering girls to level out the playing field so they grow up happy, healthy and strong.

See the impact of our programs in our 2019 Annual Report or our 2019 Annual Report Infographic.

It’s a Tough World Out There For Girls

Only 1/3 of all girls get to participate in a sport on a regular basis

Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls' confidence levels drop by 30%

Only 39% of girls ages 8-17 say they want to be a leader

2019 Report Summary

79% of After School participants maintained or increased their levels of grit

92% of Teen Club participants maintained or increased their leadership score

75% of Teen Squad participants maintained or increased their self-worth score
  • Through Girls in the Game, I have gained experience. All the health, sports and leadership workshops, and interviews I have done have made me more comfortable in my ability to lead and trained me to become more confident, step out of my comfort zone and truly prepare for any future career. I’m glad to have been challenged and to even get my first job as a camp counselor this past summer with Girls in the Game. It was an experience I will never forget.
    - Evelyn, Girls in the Game alumna
  • Through Girls in the Game, I learned that when you expose young girls to new ideas, it allows them the opportunity to think for themselves. In doing so, girls gain the courage to act on their own.
    - Jackie, Teen Squad Participant