• Dedicate Your Birthday

Happy Birthday! Thank you for thinking of dedicating your birthday to Girls in the Game. There are two main ways to create a birthday fundraiser: with a custom fundraising page and through Facebook.

Create a Custom Fundraising Page

Create your own personalized fundraising page through our Classy software! You can customize your photo, the text, see who has donated and share to multiple social media platforms!

We have already added some sample text and photos that you can use as well. Simply follow the link below, click “Start a Birthday Fundraiser” and set up your page!

Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

You can create a fundraiser right on your Facebook profile. Facebook will prompt you to do this around the time of your birthday, however if you haven’t received their prompt yet, you can always go to the Girls in the Game Facebook page.

Scroll to the “Fundraisers” section, and select “Create”. From there, you will be prompted to set up your fundraiser page.