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Not All Playing Fields Are Created Equal

Girls in the Game understands that not all playing fields are equal, hence our vision is for a world where all girls are empowered to be gamechangers. Events unfolding throughout this country have many in our community in pain and concerned for each other. We ache when we see racism and injustice, acknowledging the pain our communities are experiencing, especially young girls of color who face systemic racist realities that their white peers do not.  Girls in the Game, its people and its programming stands firm against that which seeks to destroy equity, inclusion and access.  


Our mission to enable every girl to find her voice, discover her strength, and lead with confidence is amplified and as critical as ever. Empowering these voices to speak up is a step towards generational change and a step towards creating a level playing field.  Our commitment to a diverse, inclusive and just society is an active one, embedded in 25 years of programming that now seeks to improve through a greater commitment to active listening, a resolute commitment to those diverse voices that help to inform it and to stand up for those who need us.


The Board will continue to ensure its membership and the external voices that help to advise it, reflect the communities in which Girls in the Game works. And through an ongoing commitment to change and reflection we will continue to demonstrate to the communities we actively serve, that Black Lives Matter.

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To the Whole Girl

89% of girls participate more regularly in class after one season of programming.
78% of girls choose to be more active in their after-school time.
89% of girls self-identified as a leader.

Our Impact

At Girls in the Game, we are empowering girls to level out the playing field so they grow up happy, healthy and strong.

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